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Packaging Policy

Packaging & Preparation Guidelines 

A good packaging is a must for shipping products safely to customers. Flawed packaging/ Non following of the packaging guidelines might result in damaged shipments during transport and might increase returns.

Below guidelines must be followed at all times during the packaging of a shipment. 

All individual items in an order must be contained within a single package. 

  1. Use a packaging cover or carton box for packaging.  

Carton Boxes - 

    1. Use durable carton boxes which can handle the weight of the product. 
    2. Use correct size boxes. Do not use oversized boxes for small shipments.
    3. Do not use damaged carton boxes. Contents of the box shall not be visible after packaging.
    4. Seal the box using the H-Taping method.

Packaging covers/Pouches - 

    1. Use durable packaging covers. Do not use torn/damaged/crumpled packaging covers.
    2. Do not overpack the packaging covers.
    3. Place invoice inside the pouch.
    4. Seal the packaging covers properly.
  1. BUbusiness reserves the right to defined the products which needs the additional protective packaging. Products sensitive to humidity, dust or dirt must be protected by transparent poly bags.
  2. Use a standard 10mm bubble wrap to protect the contents of shipment. All shipments shall be bubble wrapped.
  3. Products should be packed tightly so that contents of the products do not shift during the transport. Do not leave empty spaces inside the box. Use void fillers to fill the voids inside the carton box.
  4. Use a standard tamper proof sealing tape to pack the shipments. Do not use weak tapes or strings to pack the shipment. In case of a fragile shipment, fragile tapes to be used.
  5. All individual items must be contained within a single package. Do not make different packages for different items ordered by a single buyer.
  6. Use of unauthorized marketing material such as pamphlets etc is prohibited.
  7. For liquid products, tighten the lid and then place the unit in a transparent bag with a suffocation warning to protect from leakage or apply the appropriate second seal and then seal the bag.
  8. Use knives with covered blades during packing to prevent sharp objects such as blades being accidently left in cartons and products.

Packaging/Shipping Slip

  1. Packaging/Shipping slip is mandatory for all the shipments.
  2. Sticky sheet paper is recommended to print packaging/shipping slips. If you do not have access to sticky sheet paper, cover packaging slips with transparent tapes so that all details on packaging slips are visible clearly.
  3. Packaging/Shipping slip must be stuck outside the carton box/packaging cover so that it is clearly visible. 
  4. Do not use damaged, torn or crumpled packaging/shipping slips.
  5. Do not use pen, pencil or water soluble markers for labeling the shipments.
  6. We recommend sellers to use sticky sheets as well so the paper quality is of high standard.